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How to be the transformative leader in the 4th Industrial IT Revolution

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How Coaching Works For Leaders?

Coaching will work on your conditioned thinking

  • You will reflect & respond to the coach’s inquiry and that will trigger new perspectives
  • You will expand your thinking to whole of you and all the roles you play in life making you consistent in who you are
  • You will make decisions based on on your emerging awareness & understanding
  • You will take concrete steps to change what you want to and resolve your dilemma with your new understanding
  • You will notice your habits, amplify the good and make positive & clear choice

Coaching contributes to effective leadership that will benefit the organization and how it helps leaders to align to the organization’s goal.

Indicators of coaching impact, ICF 2019

How Coaching Works For Organisations?


Higher Productivity with Greater Employee Engagement
Three-quarters of companies that invested in its leadership coaching, experienced great improvements in overall productivity and employee  and customer satisfaction.

Increased Employee Retention
Leaders learn about how to well-manage the team along with workforce engagements that create a cordial working environment at the workplace. As a result, there’s a significant increase in overall employee retention.

Improved Sales Results
When executive coaches work closely with the sales executives, they make them feel motivated. Coaching sales leaders result in measurable positive results. Boost in Overall Financial Performance

Enhanced leadership potentially contribute to maintaining the company’s financial health.  Aligning executive business coaching services, many company’s agreed to have an increased ROI. This especially makes sense if you look at the reduced costs due to lower turnover when coupled with common outcomes of executive coaching- increased sales effectiveness and higher employee engagement.

Trained executives unlock the potential radiate outward, influencing superiors, direct reportees, and peers. Ultimately, the entire company culture improves.

Our Coaching strategy

Distinctiveness of our Transformational Approach

Our transformative coaching offers you a robust framework that can be applied in a wide and diverse context including coaching executives in workplace, leadership effectiveness and development and career-related issues. It can also be used in life coaching for people seeking fulfilment, purpose, meaning and alignment.

Expand Capacity for Deep Reflective Thinking

Coach Masters Academy, has developed a proprietary transformative coaching framework known as the Awareness-Clarity-Choice (ACC) Conversation. It is an empirical approach that blends the science of Positive Psychology with the theories of transformative learning to support generative change

Advancing Human Potential

Professional coaching contributes to advancing human potential because it begins from a deep-seated belief that humans have potential and that this potential can be advanced.

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