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What Is Holding Back From Being the Female Leader You Aspire to Be?

I am an International Certified Coach with academic and science background. My passion is to help women to become leaders around the world. I am a leadership and career coach and mentor for women.

Coaching sessions for women

I help women advancing in their career, taking it to the next level. I Support STEM, executives and entrepreneurs women to grow professionally, get promoted, become CEO.


One to one sessions for women

Gain Clarity & Motivation

Eliminate noise and focus on what you really want, creating
long lasting motivation.


Having Me Time

Build a balanced life, avoid burnout and gain control over your life.


Overcome Inequality

Manage unfair situations and overcome gender bias so that you can have equal pay and fair promotions.

Accelerate the Process of Jumping to the Next Level

Build your personal brand and a strong network to help you accelerate your success. Visibility is key.

If you want to make an impact, to achieve a inspiring job where you can learn every single day …..

If you want new challenges, new responsibilities, clarity about your future….
If you want to become a CEO or become a entrepreneur

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Are you STEM women?

I am. I have a Ph D in veterinarian medicine and I have been doing biomedical research for 20 years. When I was appointed as a quality director in a 1000 researchers research centre, all the members of executive committee were
men. I know how difficult is to be part of a institution with a strong men friendly environmental. If you want to take your
career to the next level, be an electron and jump. I can help you.

Are you in transition?
Thinking to use your entrepreneur flair ?
Thinking to have your own business?
Do you want to become a leader, a CEO?

Who Are My Clients?

My clients are women who live and work all over the world. They are just people who are at a crossroads in their lives and recognize that it’s time to fully express their creative potential. They want more from themselves and more from others. They are purpose-driven. They value their freedom of choice.
They want to change the world for better.

Mónica Serna

“Coaching strengthened my relationship. It has been a very gratifying process, it has helped me to think differently, allowing me to take concrete and effective actions to achieve my goals both personal and professional, and on the way I have discovered what is inside me, the image I have of me It has grown and strengthened my relationships.”

Patricia Hernandez

“Analyzing, focusing, and refocusing your life purposes with outside help is an exercise I recommend doing at least once in your life. Having a focused and objective conversation, such as the one I had with Joana, makes any doubt clear, and above all, makes you understand better the situation you are in. Joana’s coaching helps me to quickly identify those aspects in which I must act to achieve my goals.”

Dadilde Carvajal

“In 5 coaching sessions, Joana has given me the opportunity to explore my insecurities and find the way to give me the answers I need. Her openness to listen and being a smiling person with so energy ‘infected’ and allowed me to open in a trust space. I was able to move forward. She helped me close the assignments more clearly on my uncertainties.”

What is holding you back to become the leading woman you aspire to be?

Are you in transition?

Are you thinking to move another job?

Do you want to become a business owner?

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